Tire - ClassicAttack - Rear - 110/90R18 - 61V


Tire - ClassicAttack - Rear - 110/90R18 - 61V


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  • Multi-Grip Technology makes it possible to use a homogeneous grip grading with a single compound thanks to a temperature-controlled curing of the tire during the production process; Shoulder area: flexible for better grip; Zenith area: wear resistant for better mileage; Continuous transition
  • Traction Skin provides an extremely safe and short tire break-in, which is possible due to the revolutionary raw tread surface - result of a new mold-coating technology which eliminates the need for tire-release agents
  • Enhances and sharpens handling of a vintage/classic bike designed to run on bias ply tires to the level of a modern radial tire bike
  • 0 steel-belted construction, front and rear, guarantees excellent stability at high speeds
  • Innovative tread pattern design for even wear and good water disbursement
  • Improved carcass construction for easy handling and high levels of stability
  • Excellent mileage due to up-to-date compound technology
  • Perfect grip under all weather conditions
  • V-rated for speeds up to 149 mph
  • Can be used with inner tube

  • Specs

  • Product Name: Tire
  • Style: Classic
  • Type: Tubeless
  • Units: Each
  • Aspect Ratio: 90
  • Load/Speed-Index: 61V
  • Market Segment: Cruiser / Street
  • Style: Vintage
  • Construction: R (Radial)
  • Tire Size: 110/90R18
  • Tread Pattern/Model: ClassicAttack
  • Width: 110
  • Mounting Position: Rear
  • Riding Style: Street
  • Rim Diameter: 18"
  • Sidewall: Blackwall

  • Approximate Package Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 14
  • Height: 4.72
  • Length: 26.33
  • Width: 26.33