Endurance Beehive Valve Springs


Endurance Beehive Valve Springs


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  • FEULING® BEEHIVE® valve springs use a much smaller and lighter weight retainer which drastically reduces the valve weight creating a much quicker revving and smoother motion than comparable dual valve springs
  • FEULING® endurance springs are a direct bolt-in replacement up to 650 cam lift no machining or rocker box clearancing required
  • Eliminate valve spring separation, maximize stability, reduce valve-train noise & harmonics
  • FEULING® BEEHIVE® valve springs must be installed at the correct open height, matching max lift to the open height spec of the valve springs
  • Kit include: FEULING® ENDURACE BEEHIVE® valve springs, lightweight 7° Titanium heat treated retainers, machined spring seats, seat shims, valve locks and a set of premium Viton® valve seals equipped with a spring loaded valve stem wiper system

  • Specs

  • Stem Diameter: 7,056 mm
  • Units: Kit
  • Collar Material: Titanium
  • Riding Style: Street
  • Application: Exhaust
  • Stem Diameter: 7.056 mm
  • Style: Ovate Wire Beehive
  • Type: Valve
  • Application: Intake
  • Material: Steel
  • Model: Endurance Beehive
  • Product Name: Spring Kit
  • Spring Lift: 0,650"
  • Spring Lift: 0.650"

  • Approximate Package Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 1.4
  • Height: 3.56
  • Length: 6.03
  • Width: 4.86