Tool Hydraulic Tappet Go-No-Go™ - Lutzka's Garage
Tool Hydraulic Tappet Go-No-Go™ - Lutzka's Garage


Tool Hydraulic Tappet Go-No-Go™


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  • Hand tool simplifies the way to verify proper tappet adjustment
  • After adjusting the tappet, simply insert the tip of this tool under the hydraulic unit retaining clip, above the pushrod seat
  • Only when the tip fits nicely with no endplay is the tappet properly adjusted, if the tip doesn’t fit, OR if there is up and down endplay, the tappet is out of adjustment
  • Will not work on Solids, JIMS® Hydrosolids or other limited travel tappets
  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Specs

  • Application: Pushrod
  • Base Color: Blue
  • Base Color: Silver
  • Riding Style: Street
  • Style: Hydraulic
  • Product Name: Tappet Tool
  • Type: Adjuster
  • Units: Each

  • Approximate Package Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 0.05
  • Height: 0.49
  • Length: 9.1
  • Width: 3